Exhibition “Patate” at the Forum départemental des Sciences

Département du Nord localisation du projet Villeneuve-d'Ascq

The Forum départemental des Sciences is a centre for scientific culture, a cultural facility of the Département du Nord. Through its exhibitions, animations, services and products, it contributes to giving everyone the means to understand the major challenges of science today. It also contributes to strengthening interest in science and its technical and industrial applications, especially among young people. The travelling exhibition entitled “Potato!” is entirely dedicated to the potato. It offers a journey to the heart of the production of an emblematic and familiar food, which speaks to all audiences, in the form of various media including an interactive terminal created by our teams.

Our role:

Anamnesia was in charge of the graphic design and interactive development of the “Not a wrinkle” terminal.


Our service :

  • Graphic design
  • Interactive development

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