Interpretation Center of the Baudelle Chapel

City of Aire-sur-la-Lys localisation du projet Aire-sur-la-Lys

The Baudelle Chapel dates back to 1877, when a then unknown Airois, Jean-Baptiste Baudelle, donated his fortune at his death. He wanted a hospice to be built in his town. With this money, a chapel was built; the Baudelle Chapel was erected to serve as a place of worship. Located on the Place du Rivage, it served for a long time as the port and river gateway to the city. Ships arriving from the Lys were unloaded opposite, on the side of the rue du Moulin. Today, the place is no longer a river entrance but rather a cultural entrance to the city. The chapel has been converted into a tourist interpretation center. The place allows to discover the city as it is today, but also as it was in 1745, thanks to a scale model but also to tactile tables. The place wants to be a bridge between the past and the future of the city.

Our role:

Anamnesia was in charge of the realization of audiovisual and multimedia devices: interactive cartographic terminal of presentation of the territory and its points of interest, film show on the city and its historical heritage.


Our service:

  • Writing and scripting
  • Realization of the images
  • Aerial shooting
  • Motion design
  • Animation
  • Editing and post-production
    Graphic design
    Interactive development
    Equipment supply

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