Animations, illustrations and animatics

Because images are inseparable from words and because they are most of the time the first language accessible to everyone, we have at heart to conceive and transmit the most accomplished and adapted graphic universe to create emotions and capture the attention of a visitor. Thanks to our experienced and curious teams, who are able to deal with all themes, from abstraction to popularization, we write the images for each project based on a scenario and a brief. This can be established on a universe ex nihilo or according to a graphic charter already ready.

Our strength is also to propose illustrations and all their variations, to see the birth of a unique visual environment, specific to each project. Settings, characters, transitions, everything is designed to associate the subject with particular drawings.

Finally, we consider animatics as an in-between, very useful to extrapolate complex notions. Like a video with a rough animation of the storyboard, it is a visual track that gathers all the elements of the final video: sounds, camera movements, transition principles, etc. It demonstrates whether the story being told is a good one. It demonstrates whether the story being told is coherent and above all understandable.