Audio post-production and sound design

We make the coherence of audiovisual productions perceptible not only through the graphic aspect but also through the sound identity of the elements. That’s why we work on a sound charter to define the principles and aesthetics of all sound contributions. Sound design and ambiences are important elements in order to facilitate understanding and immersion. They are the domain of feeling and emotion.

Three means are generally used :

  • the creation of sounds in studio
  • musical composition, which falls into this category
  • the recording of sounds on site.


The question of broadcasting, of the enhancement of these dressings or sound atmospheres can be determining in the choices of production and recording. We have privileged access to a large sound database specifically dedicated to cultural facilities. We will therefore try to obtain extracts adapted to the objectives of mediation and immersion sought. In the absence of corresponding extracts, we will create them in the studio, in consultation with your teams, and in collaboration with our partners specialized in sound design.