Content collection and management

As we often say, we always start with content to imagine all our devices. Instead of an empty shell, albeit promising in terms of experience, we prefer meaning and contribution to the visitor. Depending on the project and the client, we gather and analyze the available content to proceed in stages. From there, we can establish a working basis that will lend itself to a graphic interpretation, an audiovisual transposition or a multimedia concretization.

We can also create this content if it is not formalized, by collecting it through documentary or iconographic research, or even through interviews or work sessions with key people. From then on, this available material allows us to envisage the evolution of the project, scenographically speaking, in the most appropriate way.

For a perfect coordination of the project, we make sure to distribute the validated content within the project space. Therefore, we proceed to a precise nomenclature for each device, establishing storyboards or trees that will give a roadmap for each development. Depending on the level of detail required for the information delivered to the visitor, we structure each device so that the message is transmitted in a clear, organized manner for optimal comprehension.