Documentary and iconographic research

This service is carried out by ensuring the coherence of the documents and images, the source for the textual elements and the format for the images. We have at heart to respect the mediation towards the visitors and the aesthetic choices if they are already determined, without forgetting the allocated budget, if this research work proves to be complementary to the main mission. For the technical part, we immerse ourselves in the environment of the subjects, in order to target the resources at best. Our experience allows us to quickly orientate the research towards funds as diverse, in France and internationally, as

  • specialized online collections
  • online libraries and media libraries
  • general or highly specialized photo agencies
  • illustration banks
  • photographers and photographers’ collectives
  • public and private archives
  • press agencies

Regarding the iconography, we choose them with relevance, so that they bring an interesting information as well on the content (documentary or informative quality) as on the level of the form (artistic and aesthetic quality). We also make proposals for similar resources, taking into account the directions given to the research.