Editing, motion design and video post-production

After the shooting, we assemble the audiovisual sequences and move on to the graphic post-production of the images, with the formatting, the addition of special effects, the overlaying of graphic elements, possible diagrams, etc. The editing and media integration operations, carried out in the studio, are conducted in such a way as to :

  • preserve the scientific and historical coherence of the sequences as a whole, notably by working in perfect coordination with the scientific advisors;
  • preserve the unity between the different video elements broadcasted or projected, and first of all ensure a perfect synchronization and a coherent sequence in the broadcasting, notably by an important work of transitions. This also includes the harmony of the colors, the treatment of the targeted effect, and this in accordance with the general charter of the space;
  • ensure to create dynamism and movement in the sequences which require it (in particular with an important proportion of annexed images), thus, to resort to effects of zoom on image in order to point out a detail and thus to emphasize it, for example;
  • adapt the process to the type of sequences: information sources, proportion and balance between media, etc. ;

All this in order to produce a set of sequences that is accessible and understandable by all.