Filming, interviews and aerial shots

For productions requiring images or sequences to be shot, we surround ourselves with the most seasoned professionals for the organization and realization. After analyzing the storyboard, the location scouting is carried out as well as all the preparatory steps according to the type of production (organization of interviews, casting of actors, lighting, authorizations, technical equipment, etc.).

This upstream work is also an opportunity to make a first grouping of sequences in units of actions and places. It may be necessary to divide the sequences by shooting day, taking into account the stakes of the sequences and the constraints (availability of locations, interviewees and sets, travel of the technical team, balanced work rhythm and consideration of work regulations). This is also the time to prepare for unforeseen circumstances (weather, people and equipment) and to plan alternative ways of switching sequences.

Aerial filming (drones or helicopters) is surrounded by precautions that we master, both in terms of prefectural authorizations, pilot’s license and categories of drones to be favored according to the cameras and technical needs.