Graphic creation of exhibition mediation supports

The work of creation is carried out in two stages. The first one is dedicated to the analysis of the needs and the constraints linked to the project. This is done in order to remove possible difficulties for the specific materials that will accommodate printed media and to evaluate the technical means necessary for the installation. Then the second is devoted to the first intention which is then declined. This is done either through a pre-existing graphic charter, which we implement on all the supports that will be created. Or by a pure creation of charter, with the respect of the messages and the directions given by the artistic direction.

We operate by the choice of several tracks in order to leave a certain step of maneuver, while controlling the arguments to defend each one of them. We know the codes and imperatives of graphic creation, so we know how to develop it while respecting the immutable rules of graphic design and typography. These rules offer the possibility to maintain a certain relevant and harmonious framework.