Identification and negotiation of icongaphic rights

As part of the documentary and iconographic research, we can carry out a rights negotiation mission. This work, more administrative, consists in identifying with precision the authors and sources of the various resources likely to be included in the final device: fixed or animated images, video extracts, sound extracts, etc. It is then a matter of preparing all the steps to take care of the copyright, for the reproduction and the representation of the graphic, sound or video works, and if necessary, those of the rightful owners.

We also ensure the management of the contracts/authorizations of transfer of image rights. We use our experience in negotiation as well as our knowledge of market prices and our contacts to quickly obtain the most competitive rates. We finalize the signature of the contracts of transfer of rights. These contracts describe the strict framework of exploitation (duration, support, framework, territory).

Finally, we finish by elaborating a final file, called iconographic file, which gathers all the information relative to the iconographic resources used on all the devices of the project.