Interactive multimedia development for museums and architectural spaces

We specialize in the development of innovative interactive interfaces. We focus our multimedia tool development on object-oriented programming languages. At ease with large production volumes, we are able to meet your needs for both web and 3D simulation applications. Our goal is to create efficient multimedia applications that comply with all the requirements of a busy visitor space: ease of use, rapidity of handling, blocking of the application so that the visitor cannot leave it, etc.

We are also able to design a customized content management system (CMS) to have control over the content and to be able to modify and add content at any time, allowing us to update the devices according to our clients’ needs. Accessible online and secure, this space will allow the programs to live over time. The application management system is equipped with an application base offering modular and extensible functionalities for publishing and structuring content as well as for managing user rights and access. Finally, we take care of training the staff on the various devices and potential operations: content updates, maintenance, restarting, etc.