Multimedia game development

Our range of games includes a wide variety of possibilities, for all types of visit experiences, in situ or virtual, for all audiences or for targeted audiences. For training or awareness needs, we develop serious games. Similar in terms of design and know-how to a classic video game, they go beyond the entertainment dimension. The aim is to understand, inform, learn, and even improve skills, while at the same time having fun playing. Creative games are popular with young and old alike. Those oriented towards artistic creation (music, etc.) or plastic (painting, sculpture, etc.) create bridges towards the understanding of art and art history.

For young audiences, we put at the heart of our productions (quizzes, action games, racing games, fighting games, etc.) the quest, which stimulates interest and reflection. Screens are a perfect tool to make sense of their use, in the wide opportunities they offer, for culture, the application of knowledge, team play, etc. The game is an undeniable tool of conviviality for families with, for example, treasure hunts, or to federate audiences around a collaborative objective (puzzle, etc.). Finally, we also take into account the importance of an individual game more suitable for a personalized discovery, according to the expectations and curiosity of the visitor. For multi-player games, we know how to operate them so that they allow a fun and friendly moment, while transmitting a message or important information related to the mediation environment.