Scripting and storyboarding

The first step in audiovisual production is scriptwriting, which lays the foundations and direction for the production. For us, it is the first model of the film or animation, and the written materialization of the concept. This script describes in a synthetic way everything that will be seen and heard on the screen in the final result, after the shooting and the editing. It also includes the artistic approach and the production intentions (image concept, sound, editing, general universe, production techniques and final message).

Then follows the storyboarding, which illustrates the audiovisual before its realization. This sequence of images anticipates the shot-by-shot cutting. It serves as a technical reference, a visual system with possible texts and dialogues. This continuity indicates the characters present, the information relating to them, without forgetting the technical elements to describe the shot (framing, camera movements, duration and angle of the shot, etc.). The storyboard helps to understand the scenario of the film in order to discover the audiovisual techniques of the director to build his message.