Tabletop multimedia development and multi-user interactive terminal

One of the major advantages of multimedia, and moreover interactive, is the possibility of living the experience in two or more people. This is how the visit of museum spaces is meant to be fun and exciting, where the experimentation of knowledge is not limited to a factual learning, but is based on empirical and intuitive observations. These visits also become moments of sharing, convivial, often intergenerational. We know how to use and exploit the richness of multimedia in devices designed to interact, play, confront, share knowledge and test reflexes with others.

We use this know-how on interactive maps or models or orientation terminals. We can also create multi-user games, where each player has a specific role. These games can be played on a large table, or on individual screens for each player, sometimes with a large common display screen, to make the game even more exciting. Finally, we produce collective creation games, which invite visitors to combine their thoughts and actions. Just like the guest books, objects that are sometimes outdated, but which can become the ideal support for a testimonial at the end of a visit if we modernize them a little.