Georges Bruyer at the Musée de la Grande Guerre in Meaux

Exhibition “Engraving the war. Works by Georges Bruyer”.

The museum invites you to discover the work of Georges Bruyer (1883-1962)

Painter, engraver and ceramist, he was a recognised artist when the war broke out. He then became one of the thousands of soldier-artists thrown into the war, fighting on the front, wounded and evacuated, then a painter assigned to the army.

The starting point of the exhibition is the donation to the museum by the painter’s family of all his “wartime works”. More than 400 drawings, watercolours and engravings on wood or copper.

This exhibition reveals for the first time the work of Georges Bruyer during the Great War, his personality, his journey through the chaos of the conflict and the multiple facets of his talent. In addition to his descriptions of daily life and his representations of destroyed or devastated landscapes, Georges Bruyer gives an account in colour and develops his own iconography around the theme of night, which becomes a recurring theme in his work.

Exhibition from 20 March to 22 August 2021