The House of Salève

Société du Téléphérique du Salève localisation du projet Présilly

Located in the upper station of the Salève cable car, The House of Salève invites you to visit its exhibitions and discover the Salève through nature activities, guided tours, walks and lectures. Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Salève, the majestic mountain range overlooking Geneva, and explore its geological secrets, rich history and fascinating biodiversity.

Let yourself be carried away by this captivating adventure through the heart of the Salève. Our exhibition is designed for all ages, from curious visitors to nature enthusiasts, and offers an immersive, educational experience. With “The Secret Salève”, deepen your understanding of this natural wonder on our doorstep.

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Our role:

Teaming up with Designer Unit agency, in charge of scenography and artistic direction, Anamnesia carried out an audiovisual and multimedia design and technical engineering mission: design, drafting of contract documents, analysis of bids, and supervision of work.


Our service:

  • Multimedia design
  • Technical engineering
  • Drafting of contract documents
  • Analysis of bids
  • Work supervision


Scenography: Designer Unit

Multimedia and audiovisual production: Mardi8

Layout: AtelierFaceB

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