Art direction and interactive design

Within our team, the skills of designer and more specifically of interactive designer are present. They take charge of the visual innovation of a project and design the interactive interfaces. In short, it is the translation of a graphic concept into an interactive scenario. It is then a matter of taking the graphic designers and developers to the development of graphic tracks and models, ensuring quality, consistency and finalization.

Interaction design focuses on the relationship between a digital or technological object and the user, in our case the visitor. This user experience is part of a wide range of domains: in addition to digital interfaces for websites, mobile applications or digital terminals, it can extend to connected objects, household appliances or even robots. We are also aware that it is good to consider a multitude of cases, with all possible interactions. We then imagine how the visitor and the machine interact (voice, written, tactile, etc.) and how the service or the contents manifest themselves to the visitor (notifications, etc.).

At each stage of these scenarios, we accompany and present the client with multiple supports, such as tree diagrams, storyboards, graphic boards,… Which will allow at each moment to have a good idea of what the final experience will be.