Audio commentary and voice-over

As for the rest of our productions, the voice is a central element for a successful and coherent result. And the selection of actors and voices is essential to the success of audiovisual productions. Because this choice will condition the way the audience will approach the content, regardless of the language. We naturally involve our clients in this casting process, particularly in the selection and validation of the choices made. The procedures for identifying actors and voice-overs must meet the criteria and storylines set out and retained for the destination program. The recording of the voices is done in the studio. We work in a soundproof room

The recordings, computer controlled, are worked on site, and archived by us (backup copies).

For the castings, we will propose selections of mixed voices, male and female, in the tones of the words to be spoken.

For voice-overs, when the translation replaces the original version (or with the latter only in the background), the work is even more precise, given the double challenge of the translation, which is intended to be synthetic without sacrificing meaning, and the precision of the alignment with the narration in the original language. Here, lexical accuracy goes hand in hand with on-screen synchronization.