Design of mobile applications and connected services

Always in line with the consideration of all the new technologies focused on the general public and the increasingly anchored communication habits, we have developed an expert offer in connected systems and IOS and Android applications related to the visit experience.

In our opinion, it is important to think about the strategy of mobile uses so that the project comes out better. It can then be a question of transposing the experience into a digital, mobile and possibly geolocated proposal. Some exhibitions are also worth extending the experience via these mobile tools. The visitor can then experience a classic visit coupled with a narrative experience with multiple advantages: a personalized tour, choices of deepening that are specific to him, content adapted to his profile (identities, information entered in connection with the exhibition, languages, …).

The applications are conceived under several aspects: an intuitive use and an adapted design, playful functionalities and advanced functions (integration, etc.) We understand that the use of an application cannot be limited to factual information. It is necessary to design an added value, in order not to fall into voluntarism that will eventually become boring. We are also always careful not to propose only very homogenized content, which lacks the feeling of authenticity and the living touch.

In addition to the use of smartphones or tablets for guided tours and audio guides, we are also able to include interactive augmented experiences and to add connected objects, such as headsets, bracelets, or objects designed especially for the project. From there, we can project the project throughout the design and production chain:

  • development and design
  • implementation of the algorithms
  • control of wireless networks and connections and electronic infrastructures
  • security
  • data quality and protection
  • publishing