Videomapping and videoprojections on model

In summary, videomapping represents all the processes that allow to realize videoprojections on a surface that is not a classical rectangular screen. This surface can have a relief, or be composed of two separate screens, a building facade, a city model, a water wall or a stretched canvas, to distribute images in a relevant way. The link between the images and the broadcasting surface is very specific, the two are articulated. The production has some particularities because we have to work with constraints such as anamorphoses, large images, black and white effects… We take care to choose the appropriate video-projectors and to equip ourselves with adequate test patterns to avoid cast shadows. Video projection is preferred for broadcasts on monumental buildings, because of the obligation to preserve its integrity. The video projection can be substituted by LED panels, which simplifies the production.

The projection on a model offers all the advantages of a real reconstruction in relief, with volumes and specificities combined with those of an animation rich in narration and in power of evocation and contextualization. Whether it is a map in relief, the topography of a geographical sector, we conceive this device as an educational attraction. With the help of furniture, mostly self-supporting, HD projectors and a trigger box, we play with the perceptions of the real world to provide an extraordinary experience. Thanks to the integrated analysis of the relief and the asperities of the object on which the video will be projected, it adapts to the structure that it follows.