Castle of Châteauneuf

Exhibition “When archives reveal our heritage”

Throughout the exhibition, you will be introduced to the world of heritage research through a dialogue between original documents (from the departmental archives and a private collection) and practical case studies. You will exercise your critical thinking skills and understand how to use archives to go back in time, date objects and study regional heritage.

Using dynamic tools (videos, sound bites), the aim is to allow each visitor to become, for the duration of an experience, a researcher in search of historical information.

It is also an opportunity to question the variety of sources available, the inequality of their content and their value, both aesthetic and scientific.

Every three months, the original documents will be renewed: a way to regularly rediscover this exhibition!

What kind of researcher are you? Alone, with family or friends, young or old, the researcher’s booklet will be available to accompany you to the heart of historical research! Through fun tests, linked to each room of the exhibition, you can discover your researcher profile and your level of expertise!

From 18 May 2021 to 30 April 2023 at the Castle of Châteauneuf.

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