Cité de la Mer

City of Cherbourg localisation du projet Cherbourg

The Cité de la Mer is a vast tourist and cultural facility dedicated to “the adventure of man under the sea” which today offers nearly 8,000 sqm of permanent exhibitions and visitor trails. As the only repository in the world of emblematic devices of the conquest of the abysses and the prodigious human epic that goes with it, the Cité de la Mer is a major player in tourism and education at sea. This new “European Center for Education at Sea” is particularly innovative in its approach to education, humanizing science through the lives and normality of those who make it happen, and in its ability to astonish, move and fill visitors with enthusiasm.


Photo credits: © La Cité de la Mer_B.Almodovar

Our role:

We worked on the graphic and ergonomic design of all the multimedia devices of the visit, more than thirty in total. These include a spectacular interactive projection to get up close to the sea floor, as well as informative interactive devices to discover the research and analysis missions in underwater biology and geology. Not to mention interactive multimedia games to improvise yourself – among other things – as a chef thanks to the Normandie grown produces.


Our service:

  • Graphic design
  • Audiovisual production
  • Development of multimedia programs
  • Onsite installation

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