Exhibition “Naturdetektive”

Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Stuttgart localisation du projet Stuttgart

Naturdetektive was the major exhibition of the Stuttgart Natural History Museum in 2016. It invites young visitors (5 to 12 years old) to investigate with their families: four horrific crimes
have been committed in nature, and the task is to find the culprits! With their detective notebook, the young investigators will find their way from one station to another: the “Monster-Maschine”, the “Schrei-Detektor” to detect bat calls, the small scientific laboratory… The exhibition also invites them to discover the fauna and flora of Baden-Württemberg, thanks to an immersive and interactive 270° device, which reconstructs in video a Black Forest landscape over the course of one day.

Our role:

Anamnesia was in charge of designing and producing all the multimedia devices and playful and interactive experiences that allow to collect clues to solve the enigma, revealed in conclusion by an animated film. We also imagined the immersive and interactive 270° device, equipped with sensors to reveal within the panorama, spectacular images of natural phenomena usually invisible to human eyes: the metamorphosis of a butterfly, the feast of a bat or the underwater life…


Our service :

  • Graphic design
  • Audiovisual design and production
  • Multimedia design and production

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