Exhibition “L’abîme”

Musée des Ducs de Bretagne localisation du projet Nantes

The Nantes Museum of History offers to examine its collections from a new angle, in order to reveal the invisible but very present traces of the fate of those who were victims of the colonial system. Beyond the usual economic and commercial vision, the exhibition will lift the veil on the complexity of the reality of a city that was a slave-owning town.

Deliberately immersive, suggestive and sensitive, L’abîme gives an account of the complexity of reality and will be an opportunity to discover the names of those who, according to official documents, lived in Nantes as captives and were enslaved between 1692 and 1792.

Multimedia plays an important role: sound introduction, individual reading of historical documents, music broadcasting, sound video-mapping on two boards, projections of the names of enslaved people on a picture rail and large format documents in the crossing area. The model of the ship La Marie-Séraphique is presented to the public through a film.



Photographic credits: ©David Gallard / LVAN

Our role:

Anamnesia was responsible for the graphic design and production (illustration and animation) of three animated digital maps in French and English:

  • The first explorations and western maritime routes
  • The constitution of the French colonies in the 16th and 18th centuries
  • Colonial productions and their diffusion in Europe


Our service:

  • Film storyboard
  • Illustration
  • Animation and motion design
  • Mixing and PAD

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