Exhibition “Sweet Dreamers”

Département du Val de Marne localisation du projet Créteil

Sweets Dreamers : close to the sleep and dreams of animals. Through a series of portraits, Isabelle Simler’s Doux Rêveurs offers illustrations of animals in bright colors with a style characterized by long, stretched and supple strokes. The origin of the project comes from a desire to approach the sleep of animals and to tame the world of the night. The author and illustrator wanted to describe the dreams of animals. Indeed, each illustration is accompanied by a small descriptive text that leads the reader in the journey of dreams. She reveals the animals’ attitudes at bedtime and captures their state when they are completely asleep. The author has chosen to use close-ups to capture the animals’ gaze and distant shots to discover the environment in which they evolve.

Our role :

A scenography elaborated from the universe of the book is presented at the Hôtel du Département du Val de Marne. In this context, Anamnesia was in charge of the production of an interactive station for children.


Our service :

  • Production and multimedia production

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