Interpretation center of Andlau

City of Andlau localisation du projet Andlau

The city of Andlau became the owner of the Seigneurie in January 2005, and following the taking of competence for the realization and the animation of a interpretation centre of the cultural heritage “Les Ateliers de la Seigneurie” in Andlau. Three themes federate the assets and specificities of the Pays de Barr et du Bernstein: built heritage, religious heritage, viticulture, around 3 materials: stone, earth, wood.

These themes tell the story of civil, military and religious history, and allow us to trace the main social, cultural and economic developments. The visitor will discover these materials and these themes through a staging where the art and craft trades related to tradition, heritage restoration and creation will serve as a common thread. Moreover, the centre offers in a transversal way an interpretation of the landscapes of the Pays de Barr and the Bernstein, which are part of the cultural heritage and identity.


Photo credits: © Toute L’alsace

Our role:

Consulting and project management assistance for the production of all the multimedia programs of the permanent tour. Technical engineering and monitoring of all technical aspects related to the equipment:

  • Study of the program
  • Design of the devices
  • Technical engineering
  • Allocation
  • Drafting of the technical contract conditions
  • Analysis of the bidding offers
  • Follow-up of negotiations
  • Follow-up of the productions and coordination
  • Study of the operation and maintenance of the museum


Types of devices concerned by the service:

  • Multimedia tours
  • Audiovisual productions


Total budget of 190 000€ for the whole tour

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