Museum of History of Marseille

City of Marseille localisation du projet Marseille

In 2010, the City of Marseille decided to renovate and extend the Marseille History Museum.
The opening of this new museum on nearly 7,000 sqm is part of Marseille Provence, European Capital of Culture of 2013.

In this museum dedicated to the history of the oldest city in France, with 26 centuries of history, visitors discover a reference exhibition whose main theme is the maritime and port history of Marseille, from its origins to the present day. Aware of the growing influence of new technologies in culture, the city has equipped itself with a new museum with high-performance multimedia and audiovisual equipment to develop its attractiveness to Marseilles residents and tourists.

Scenography : Studio Adeline Rispal and Alain Dupuy, Innovision

Our role:

Consulting and project management assistance for the production of all audiovisual and multimedia programs for the new permanent exhibition – Total budget of 3 million euros for the entire multimedia program.

  • Study of the multimedia program
  • Design of the devices
  • Allocation
  • Drafting of the technical contract conditions
  • Bid analysis
  • Follow-up of negotiations
  • Follow-up of production and coordination
  • Study of the operation and maintenance of the museum
  • Drafting of the institution’s operating plan
  • Follow-up and coordination with the general contractor for design and construction
  • Acceptance of operations


Types of devices concerned by the service:

  • Complete multimedia tour, more than 90 devices
  • Documentary films
  • Animation films
  • Film show, video wall
  • Real-time 3D devices, immersive 3D, augmented reality
  • Sound design and tour
  • Audioguide and multimedia visioguide

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