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City of Colmar localisation du projet Colmar

In November 2009, the Swiss architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron was chosen by the city of Colmar to design and execute a vast extension and renovation project for the Unterlinden Museum. Associated with a restoration project for the Convent Church, these works were to allow visitors to access to new spaces for the presentation of collections and temporary exhibitions, or for the documentation of collections, the redeployment of the modern and contemporary art collections and the redistribution or creation of reception and service areas for the museum (educational area, store, café, gardens, etc.).

In this context, the management and the curators of the museum have questioned the place given to media and multimedia in the collection spaces. Indeed, the mediation currently in place in the rooms and spaces was mainly based on text or still images. Only an audioguide was offered to visitors, and included in the entrance ticket. It was therefore necessary to rethink and renew the mediation of certain works, ensembles or areas of the collections, in particular through the implementation of new fixed or mobile tools.

Photo credits: © Ruedi Walti – Herzog & de Meuron Basel

Anamnesia accompanied the museum in this general reflection on the place of multimedia in the spaces. We thus carried out a work of definition and sketch of various devices, within the framework of an accompaniment in assistance to project ownership, design and production of multimedia devices. This mission continued with the design and production of several interactive and audiovisual devices for the museum.


Our role:

Consulting and project management assistance for the production of all multimedia programs for the new permanent exhibition following the renovation and extension of the museum by the architects Herzog and De Meuron. AMO completed by the realization of a part of the multimedia tour:

  • Recommendation on the digital strategy (website, social networks, tools and services…)
  • Complete multimedia tour, documentary films, audioguide and multimedia visioguide

Our services :
Study and definition of the multimedia program
Design of devices, definition of equipment, development of scenarios

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