Le Daviaud

Communauté de Communes Océan-Marais de Monts localisation du projet La Barre-de-Monts

In the heart of the Vendée Breton Marsh, this eco-museum offers to understand the functioning of the marsh, from its origin to the present day, and to discover the history of those who live there. As part of its redevelopment in 2017, the museum teams wanted to create an articulated narrative that promotes understanding of the place and the marsh.

Photographic credits: © Cent Millions de Pixels

Our role :

  • Consulting and project management assistance for the production of all the multimedia programs of the permanent tour.
  • Study of the program
  • Design of the devices
  • Technical engineering
  • Allocation
  • Drafting of the technical contract conditions
  • Analysis of the offers
  • Follow-up of negotiations
  • Follow-up of the productions and coordination
  • Study of the operation and maintenance of the museum


Types of devices concerned by the service

  • Multimedia tours
  • Audiovisual productions

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