Maison carrée

EDEIS localisation du projet Nîmes

Along with Rome, Nîmes represents one of the most complete urban testimonies of Roman civilization in the West. As a city and colony founded in the 1st century B.C., it has preserved an important monumental ensemble from this period, which has made the city internationally renowned for several centuries.

The Maison carrée is without doubt the best preserved Roman temple in the world. Built in the first years of the 1st century, this building was dedicated to the cult of the imperial family. Inspired by the temples of Apollo and Mars Ultor in Rome, the Maison carrée impresses by the harmony of its proportions and the majesty that emanates from this exceptional monument.

Within the framework of the implementation of the new DSP of the city of Nîmes “Nîmes la Romaine”, we were in charge of the conception and the realization of the audiovisual and multimedia productions, of the graphic design and of the realization of the whole mediation on behalf of the EDEIS teams.

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Our role:

Anamnesia ensured the conception and the realization of the whole mediation course.

Our service:

  • Research and writing of contents
  • Graphic design and execution
  • Multimedia production
  • Filming and postproduction
  • Audiovisual production

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