Sewer Museum

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The Sewer Museum of Paris closed its doors in 2018 for a complete renovation. It will reopen in 2021, with a new permanent exhibition, new routes and activities.
The entrance to the museum is now in a brand new building, with clean lines, where the reception and ticket office are located. With this building, whose architecture is based on modern, high-performance materials, the Sewer Museum is moving from the shadows into the light.

The Sewer Museum is a sewer complex in operation and a strategic point of convergence of the sewer network. It is a network of underground galleries, which has been set up at the same time to welcome visitors and show them the “real” sewer system.

The public is openly invited to go underground, for an extraordinary visit!


Architecture: Frenak and Jullien
Scenography: On-Situ

Our role:

Anamnesia was in charge of writing and scripting, graphic design and production of illustrative films. Conceived as an animated board on which short playful animations are drawn, these short films propose avenues of reflection, a state of research and elements of response concerning the environmental challenges of tomorrow’s sanitation. The aim is to raise visitors’ awareness, without making them feel guilty, and to encourage individual and citizen awareness.


Our service :

  • Writing and scripting of the animated films
  • Translation of the FR-EN-ES texts
  • Casting, actor recording and audio post-production
  • Illustration
  • Animation and motion design
  • Mixing and PAD

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