Departmental museum of ancient and contemporary art of Épinal

Conseil départemental des Vosges localisation du projet Epinal

Located at the tip of the island on the Moselle River, the Departmental Museum of Ancient and Contemporary Art is one of the most important museums in Lorraine, both in terms of the quality and scope of its collections: more than 30,000 objects and works of art, from prehistory to 21st century art, are housed there. In a contemporary architecture, it offers to the visitors a journey in time on its 4000 sqm of exhibition. On the occasion of the opening of the brand new Fine Arts course, the Museum proposes a digital mediation course, around 6 works.

Our role:

Anamnesia was in charge of the production of the devices: supply of the terminals and equipment, scripting, realization of the presentation films, editing and motion design, development of the games and interactives.


Our service :

  • Design and engineering
  • Audiovisual production
  • Rewriting of the commentary, French version
  • Recording of the commentary, French version
  • Animation
  • Post-production
  • Multimedia production
  • Interactive games

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