Planetarium of Strasbourg

Université de Strasbourg localisation du projet Strasbourg

The planetarium of Strasbourg is located in the district of Neustadt in Strasbourg, more precisely in the heart of the Astronomical Observatory in edge of the botanical garden. It is driven by the Garden of the Sciences of the University of Strasbourg. Created in 1981 and inaugurated in January 1982, this planetarium is part of a professional astronomical site with a large telescope

Within the framework of the vast program of the Campus operation, the opening of the new equipment of scientific, technical, industrial culture (CSTI) and teaching occurred in July 2023.

The University of Strasbourg, the only French university to operate this type of facility, is the contracting authority for this work, which is financed by the French government, the European Union and the Eurometropole of Strasbourg. This project include the general reception of the Science Garden, a university service dedicated to sharing knowledge with the public, the new planetarium room and the development of a garden open to the public.

Photo credits: © Frenak et Julien Architectes

Our role:

As the leader of the grouping, in partnership with Jacques Guarinos, an independent consultant, advice and assistance to the project owner for the definition, monitoring and installation of the technical equipment of the new planetarium of Strasbourg.


Our service:

  • Prefiguration study and verification of the detailed technical program
  • Assistance to the planetarium architectural jury
  • Advice on the supplier consultation
  • Call for tender and follow-up of the procedure
  • Allocation
  • Drafting of the technical contract conditions
  • Analysis of the bidding offers
  • Follow-up of the negotiations
  • Follow-up of the installation

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